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Launching new Website

We are proud to launch a new website for our domain Our new website support our new global TECH non-profit organization approach by communicating the organizational vision and mission to assist new stakeholders and funding partners to understand the purpose of Parametric Human Project. The new website alsoRead More

Parametric Human Project Keynote at ADT 2017, Amiens France

At the 6th triennial congress of ADT (Advanced Digital Technology in Head and Neck Reconstruction) 2017, Dr. Azam Khan presented the closing keynote entitled “The Parametric Human Project: Advances in the Detailed Modeling of the Muscle-Architecture in the Head and Neck”. Abstract: The human head and neck region ofRead More

Participation on eHealth Week 2017, Malta

On behalf of Parametric Human Project, Executive Director Steen Schledermann attends eHealth Week 2017 at Malta to engage with the European eHealth community – seeking answers to sharing of research and medical data, interoperability, unleashing the value of Big Health Data to address increasing cost of Health systems andRead More

Parametric Human Project hire Executive Director

The Parametric Human Project is proud to announce the hiring of its Executive Director, Steen Schledermann. Steen holds MSc Engineering degree from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and MIT IT Strategy and Management degree from IT University Denmark. Steen has 20 years’ experience in software development, operations and support.Read More

Parametric Human Project incorporated as non-profit association in Denmark

The Parametric Human Project is proud to announce the incorporation of the Parametric Human Project, Danmark as a non-profit association in accordance with the Danish legislation. This association forms the second non-profit entity of the global non-profit organization envisioned by the Parametric Human Project Vision. The Danish entity establishesRead More

PMHA 2016 workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The 4th International Workshop on Biomechanical and Parametric Modeling of Human Anatomy (PMHA-2016), was held on August 26-27. Hosted at the University of British Columbia, this year’s workshop included 53 participants (anatomists, dentists, oro-facial surgeons, linguists, computer scientists, and engineers) from 22 academic-, industry-, and government-based institutions from aroundRead More

Parametric Human Project sponsors the GET conference

The Parametric Human Project is proud to sponsor the GET (Genomes Environments Traits) Conference, in Vienna, Austria (September 17-19). This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Personal Genome Project and the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Human Genome Project.

Continued success at the growing PMHA workshop

The 3rd International Workshop on Biomechanical and Parametric Modeling of Human Anatomy (PMHA-2015) was held on August 29-30, 2015. Hosted in at the Autodesk office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this year’s workshop included 64 participants (computer scientists, anatomists, dentists, oro-facial surgeons, linguists, and engineers) from 27 academic-, industry-, and government-basedRead More

Parametric Human Project office space at IT University of Copenhagen

The Parametric Human Project establishes a second office for its not-for-profit activities, this time in the EU at the spectacular facilities of the IT University of Copenhagen.

Visualizing the progress of the Parametric Human Project at VIZBI 2015

James Li presented an overview of the Parametric Human Project at the Visualizing Biological Data (VIZBI 2015) conference. The poster highlighted the progress that has been made toward digitizing the complex architecture of all the muscles of the human body from a single specimen, showing the muscles in relation to theRead More