The Parametric Human Project is a collaborative international effort of scientists working together to greatly advance the state-of-the-art for medical research through the development of a digital human model that can serve as the basis for a vast collection of innovation applications. Parametric Human Project is a federally incorporated not-for-profit Canadian corporation. This project will be driven by the following Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy.


To create a complete morphological and physiological digital human model.


To greatly amplify the progress of the medical research community through systematic modeling of all aspects of human properties and processes.


We believe that two key problems have fundamentally restricted progress on understanding human properties and responses: a lack of direct community collaboration and a focus on animal-based research. Due to the highly multi-disciplinary nature of our undertaking, sharing of data and algorithms between institutions will be critical to our success. However, this data must be strictly based on human anatomy and human tissue sources.


To provide strategic and technical leadership to the research community in the form of a collaborative modeling framework to encode human properties and processes. Within this framework:

  • determine morphological variation of human anatomy
  • determine material properties of all human tissues
  • model physiological and biomechanical human processes

To enable academic, industrial and government applications leveraging a complete human model to develop a broad variety of solutions to serve humanity.


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